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Lancaster security experts, Keyways can provide a whole range of security solution for your home and business.

Digital Recording & Integrated Systems

Digital Recording

Digital technology has revolutionised the CCTV industry, not just because it has greatly reduced the cost but also how versatile the images have now become.

If we begin with the camera, we now have the ability to amplify light levels and reduce noise in order to produce clearer pictures in reduced light situations. We can also compensate for areas that are too bright that would have been 'whited' out and not allowed car number plates to have been recorded whilst car headlamps were on.

We can do a lot with the digital images once we have them. For example the digital image can be compressed to allow us to transmit a large amount of information down a telephone line or store it on a computer.

There are three main variables for the amount of storage: these are 1) the size of the picture field, the amount of pictures taken per second (frame rate) and finally the amount of disk size available for recording.

We can provide you with the sound advice as to what will suit your business to ensure that recordings are of sufficient quality with enough history to trace events that happened in the past.

Dedicated networks for CCTV systems are no longer needed due to versatility of digital images. The camera is now simply given its own IP address and it can be placed on a computer network, this way it has its own buffer memory and transmits only limited amounts of information across the network iso that it doesn't jam up your computer system.
High quality images can then be accessed form the camera as and when they are needed.

Integrated Systems

Once you have gathered the correct information you can do loads with it.

Integrated Systems

The biggest advantage of integrating systems is that you are able to provide very specific information without having to constantly watch live CCTV monitors or review hours of image recordings.

We can design a solution for you, all you need to do is tell us what your problem is and we will fix it!

Contact us for more infraction on the fire and security solutions we provide throughout the Lancashire area.

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