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Lancashire fire alarm specialists, Keyways can supply, install and maintain fire alarm systems and security systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

In order to stand out from our competitors, at Keyways we install processor enhanced detectors as standard. This enables optimum detector sensitivity to be maintained as each detector has its own onboard microprocessor without giving rise to false alarms. This gives intelligent detection whether the control systems is addressable or not.

Addressable systems indicate both the general area of a fire or fault and can also provide the exact pinpointed location at the control panel, for instance ''Bedroom 8 2nd Floor FIRE''.

Exact pinpointing of a problem location vastly reduces search times in the result of a fire or fault. Pre alarm warnings can also be shown, giving time to investigate the situation before the full alarm is reached.

Contact us for more information on the fire services we can provide throughout the Lancashire area.

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