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Lancashire fire and security specialists, Keyways can provide an unrivalled locksmithing service for the North West of England. We pride ourselves in our expertise and range of products.

Home Security is a all about deterring a potential thief targeting your home or commercial premises. This is achieved by ensuring that the front door of a property is fitted with a mortice lock so that it is not easily forced and then by protecting and preventing easy access to the rear of the property which is more vulnerable.

At Keyways, Lancashire can achieve this by installing automated gates, or locking the side gate that prevents access to the rear of the property. Another way of preventing access to a property is through the use of window locks. Obviously it will always be possible for an intruder to break a window, but a locking system will prevent easy, quiet access to a property. If a burglar were to smash a window in order to gain entry to the property then the noise of breaking glass is much more likely to get them caught.

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